Hi there. Scott here.

Get to know me, Scott Steinhardt, and see what I've got going on at the moment.

Me, Scott Steinhardt, with a pro headshot from work that was put through the Photoshop meat grinder

I'm a writer, content/communications director, and musician based in Brooklyn. This is my website

Scott as "Content Creator"

This site, though not terribly fancy, is the home to my The New Vertical, a newsletter. It's released frequently enough, with ideas, musings, music, and the like β€” as well as links to what I'm working on and following.

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Scott as a "Professional"

I've worked as a Content Director and in various marketing capacities for over a decade. I am currently the Head of Communications for Reality Defender, a deepfake detection company. If you're here to learn about my professional life, you're probably better off just going to my LinkedIn.

Scott as a "Musician/Record Store Scum"

I haven't been in a band for over a decade. I still play (loudly), am in the market for a decent drum kit, while always buying more fuzz pedals.

I listen to way too much music. As of this writing, I've listened to approximately 550 albums in 2022 alone. To see what I'm listening to, follow me on Spotify.

Scott as an "Active Listener"

You've made it this far. Let's chat, if that's your bag.

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